The Gardens

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Your villa gardens span over 2 hectares and were personally designed by the owner, who insisted on carefully selecting the different plant species while developing the open spaces in a way which preserves a scarce ressource in the area: water. The majestic butia, washingtonia, date and other palm trees varieties such as phoenix roebellini are in perfect harmony with the different species of rosebushes, cacti, jacarandas, albizzias, shrubs, ficus trees and other bitter orange trees. The geraniums, bougainvilleas and grasses were planted on the outskirts of the villas and the Riad, and feature, during the flowering season, an exceptional show of colours and fragrances. Throughout your morning walks, you will also come across some species of Japanese plants and a mini-space "Majorelle".

  •   Free airport transfert service between 08:00 a.m. et 10:00 p.m. – Billed 20 euros overnight
  •   Shuttle service connecting to the city centre & to historical golf courses
  •   Complimentary wifi acces within the riad's main patio
  •   4 outdoor pools, one of which is in the shape of a traditional moroccan door
  •   Books, magazines, newspapers music & DVDs are provided to our guests
  •   Catering is available as a room service indoors and outdoors; we also feature cooking classes
  •   Soccer field, tennis court, ping-pong table
  •   Traditional Hammam featuring a vast array of beauty treatments and massage therapy
  •   Concierge services, excursions, quad rentals, horseback & dromedary riding, guided tours
  •   Laudry and dry cleaning services

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single project Info
single project Info